Changing Meaning


Artworks, where the meaning of the subject is changing. Everyday food of the consumerism society, specifically Campbell soup can become art made by Andy Warhol. As iconic as the soup can was Mickey Mouse who Andy paid hommage to, placing him in midst of shining diamond dust.

Damien Hirst has also depicted the famous Disney character, but he has done it his way, using laconic blue spots.

At the same time, the value of money changes in this room. Namely if Banksy changes it totally, it is theoretically possible (he is the most famous anonymous artist) to sue him. Then again, when Andy Warhol signed the dollar bills at the height of his fame, its notional value went up.

At this point, one can recall the artwork exhibited in the first hall, Damien Hirst’s “The Currency” explores how art becomes money and vice versa. It’s been years since the high and low culture have mixed, for example the skate decks by Denial bring together top brands and street culture containing critique about “being addicted” to top brands.