Pop is more


The last hall in the PoCo museum celebrates the fact that pop is always more. Even though Pop art began in the 1950-1960s, the new wave is happening and pop is very colourful, exciting and full of life. There are plenty of younger generation artists, who have built their careers based on combining elements from today’s popular culture, iconic Pop art masterpieces and artist’s signature styles.
The audience is offered the joy of recognition, the playful- ness of finding associations and endless conversations happening in between the artists and the artworks. Why not join the conversation about Kalev Mark Kostabis artwork referring to Andy Warhol’s “Flowers”, which one saw in the first hall of PoCo?

Try this: find all the heart and smiley images, plus symbols of positivity in the room. Contemplate on the variations of “Dance of Death” or wonder if human equality in front of the Death means the equality of the artworks as well?
How and when do artworks finish anyway!?