Daydreaming With Machines


Daydreaming with Machines
A weekly exhibition program at PoCo Museum

The Fellowship program is thrilled to unveil “Daydreaming with Machines”, a weekly exhibition at the Pop and Contemporary Art Museum (POCO). This weekly contribution by the artists will feature AI-generated video art displayed on a state-of-the-art Samsung wall screen. This series showcases the extraordinary works of artists from around the globe, each utilizing artificial intelligence to forge new expressions within the realm of Art. By melding the vivid and accessible aesthetic of pop art with advanced technology, this project offers viewers a unique insight into the evolving symbiotic relationship between traditional art forms and digital innovation, reflecting the diverse and dynamic spirit of contemporary art.

“Daydreaming with Machines” is not merely an exhibition but a journey through the myriad ways artists are redefining the boundaries of artistic creation. It stands as a testament to the PoCo Museum’s and Fellowship´s commitments to fostering a versatile and inclusive platform that blends iconic motifs with the new, resonating with art lovers and sparking conversations about the transformative role of technology in art. Visitors are invited to explore and contemplate this seamless integration of color, texture, and movement, discovering the rich tapestry of international voices and visions that shape the future of art in the digital age.

“Daydreaming with Machines” is displayed on THE WALL by SAMSUNG. Installed by Euronics.